Jeremy Tan / Photographer
New York City

2013, Mar–Jun

stud·y: in-camera film dbl exps

noun. a series of photographs by jeremy tan

adj. as human beings, we are intrinsically part of the natural environment. in our struggle to advance in civilization, we forget that as organisms we possess the same needs as the plants and animals around us. but what makes us so different? are we really that different at all?

. in the process of photographing these images, i began to notice similarities between my subjects and the textures i had overlaid on their skins. the placement of a person’s birthmarks, the angle their ears protrude from their heads, the curvature of their rib cage and torso – each of these personal qualities shares a uniqueness with every other form in nature, like flakes of snow or the veins in a leaf.

. “stud·y” scrutinizes the relationship between human and natural forms. its presentation plays upon the scientific exposition of flora and fauna against the photogenic human form. each sheet of film is exposed once to the subject then once more to a natural element before being developed. the results of this artistic endeavor are therefore carefully calculated, yet wholly serendipitous, with the intention of exploring every visual detail of both man and his environment.

verb. in-camera double exposures on 4x5" 400 asa kodak portra with horseman lx45 monorail camera (in studio), canham dlc45 field camera


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